Bodyvolt was founded in 2007, shortly after the end of Kommando 6 Records. Bodyvolt is less a traditional label that builds an artist roster and has regular releases, but rather a sporadic release series with music by a small circle of linked artists and collaborations.


BV-00 Beta Evers - Weird Affection  (Promo Tape. not available)

BV-01 Manasyt & Beta Evers - Shibari (CD. sold out)  (Digital)

BV-02 Black Spider Clan - Totale Finsternis (CD)  (Digital)

Vinyl series (vinyl releases come with cover art, insert and sticker):

BVV-01 Black Pond - Chasms - EP : out of stock  repress coming soon (Digital)

BVV-02 Beta Evers - Delusion - LP : coming soon (coming in December)

 soundcloud bodyvolt 

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Vinyl SalesBodyvolt online store
You can also order via Discogs, Vulcanoid and Kernkrach 

Wholesales: please mail to Simulacron (GER) or LynchLaw (BE).
Bodyvolt leaves digital sales to the artists (Bandcamp links above).



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